Amazon Storyteller Feature Spotlight: Characters

Bring your characters to life with Amazon Storyteller, a tool that allows you to easily turn scripts into storyboards. We’ve significantly increased the selection you can choose from including wider age ranges for children, teens, adults and seniors and more ethnicities like Asian, African American, and Caucasian.

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Amazon Storyteller Feature Spotlight: Background Images

Can’t find the perfect background for your storyboard? Now you can upload your own images when you create a storyboard using Amazon Storyteller.

From Amazon Studios movie project Beyond the Veil:

Amazon Storyteller is a free tool that allows writers to easily turn scripts into storyboards. Check out other features recently released to help enhance your storyboard including color tinting, an expanded library of characters and more props.

Elevate Your Script: Create A Storyboard With All-New Amazon Storyteller Features

Bring your story to life with Amazon Storyteller, a tool that allows writers to easily turn scripts into storyboards. Our brand new features will help you visualize your story better than ever. Here are a few of the latest additions:

All-New Color Tinting

Make your characters and backgrounds black and white or full color with our new color picker tool. Select from different hues, saturation and brightness to help customize your storyboard.

Color Tinting in Amazon Storyteller

More Characters

We’ve significantly increased the number of characters, including more characters in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s and a wider range of ethnicities such as Asian, African American, and Caucasian.

More Characters in Amazon Storyteller

More Backgrounds & Props

If your story is based in the desert or in a western town, we now have the background for your story. We have doubled the background options available including images of airports, cabins, battlefields, and even space. New prop categories include cars, animals, sports equipment, and more.

More Backgrounds and Props in Amazon Storyteller

Get started on your storyboard with Amazon Storyteller now. And keep in mind, your feedback helps shape what this tool becomes. Comment below and tell us what you think.

Amazon Storyteller Spotlight: Bob Dooley

See the storyboard Amazon Studios writer Margina Sisson created using Amazon Storyteller for her movie project, Bob Dooley. Amazon Storyteller now allows you to upload your own background and prop images so you can enhance your storyboard. See the full Bob Dooley storyboard and how Sisson added her own images.

Bob Dooley is a family, adventure drama about Emily, a 6th grader and a compulsive liar, who needs money fast and the only way to get it is to win a True Story contest. View the Bob Dooley project page to read the script or to leave feedback.