Amazon Storyteller Feature Spotlight: Background Images

Visualize your story by turning your script into a storyboard with Amazon Storyteller, a free storyboard tool from Amazon Studios. Select from over 300 exterior and interior backgrounds. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also upload your own background images. Learn more about Amazon Storyteller here.



Guest Blog: Making Your Script Come Alive With Amazon Storyteller Part 2

The Unknown Screenwriter is a screenwriter, producer, and script doctor. He works with director Sir Roland Joffé and a New York Times best-selling author that must remain anonymous as well. He enjoys riding his motorcycle extremely fast and the occasional triple of Wild Turkey. We asked him to share his experience with Amazon Storyteller, Amazon’s free storyboard tool. This is Part 2 of his guest blog series. Read Part 1 here.

Good news! Since I’ve been digging more into Storyteller, I received an email from Amazon Studios telling me Storyteller now allows you to go back and edit a previously published storyboard.

I was very happy to have read this because I was kind of dreading the idea of starting from scratch if I were to storyboard my entire screenplay.

Eager to see how this worked, I logged into my account and sure enough…there was a nice “Resume” button for me to click on. I clicked on it and my storyboard loaded, ready for me to continue. But just like I work on my spec scripts, I’m the kind of writer that has to go back and reread everything before I can continue.

I clicked on the “Preview” link and scrolled through my opening storyboard. I immediately saw things that I now wanted to change…make the storyboard even tighter.

I’d used secondary headings in my script that were now taking up an entire panel. No need for that. I also realized that one of the characters was missing headphones. Why? Because I hadn’t seen any in Storyteller’s props that would fit the character who’s supposed to be wearing them.

No problem. I found a piece of clip art in Google images that allows unrestricted use. I downloaded the image, opened GIMP back up and made the background transparent, then saved as a .png and uploaded to my props database.


Scrolling through the storyboard opening of my script, I also realized a change I wanted to make in some dialogue that hadn’t occurred to me before and this is what I found very interesting…


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