A sneak peek at Those Who Can’t, an Amazon Studios pilot in production for Prime Instant Video. The show was created by Andrew Orvedahl, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Benjamin Roy, and inspired by their web series, The Grawlix. Orvedahl says the process has been “an amazing experience” so far:

"Coming from the world of self-produced web shorts, leaping into a full-length sitcom pilot was new to all of us, including the Nix brothers, who were directing and shooting. It was basically an immersive crash course in how to make a pilot. Spending the previous year making those web shorts paid off quite a bit because we already had the working chemistry both behind and in front of the camera. We’d been doing this in a way just for fun, weekend after weekend, for free. So I’m really glad we had been working on The Grawlix web series all this time.”

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A sneak peek at designs by Lily Sparks for Supanatural, an Amazon Studios pilot in production for Prime Instant Video. Sparks created the show with Price Peterson and Ryan Sandoval.

Supanatural is the story of Lucretia and Hezbah, two outspoken divas who are humanity’s last line of defense against the supernatural … when they’re not working at the mall.

Designs by Dan Panosian (characters) and Kirk Shinmoto (backgrounds) created for a test movie of Burma Rising. The final product, directed by Sung-Jin Ahn at Titmouse Animation Studio, will be a full-length animatic. The Amazon Studios Development Slate project, written by Benjamin van der Veen, is the story of a group of American mercenaries who must fight their way across the border in the midst of a war between guerrillas and the vicious military junta.

Amazon Studios Open Writing Assignment Update: Five Visions of “12 Princesses”

Lottie by Brittney WilliamsFive writers/writing teams have been selected to move forward with their versions of 12 Princesses, an award-winning musical comedy on the Amazon Studios Movie Development slate. They took a range of approaches to this open writing assignment: live action, animated, contemporary, classic.

Amazon Studios has commissioned some concept art based on the writers’ ideas. Here’s a sneak peek (with more to come).

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