Amazon Storybuilder: Add Contributors for Feedback

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Guest Blog: Physical vs. Virtual: A Look at Building Story Outlines

Matthew Gossett, discovered through the Amazon Studios open door submission policy, is writer of movie development slate project, Origin Of A Species. We asked Matthew to give his thoughts on Amazon Storybuilder, a cloud-based tool that allows you to build movie and series outlines with digital notecards.

I saw Spike Jones’ Her last night and I’ve been thinking about how virtual versions of things measure up to their physical world counterparts. A writer only has a few tools and most of them are a computer. The remaining ones; the backs of receipts, pages of chicken scratch, conversations with friends… are usually as much a hindrance to the process as they are helpful.

As Amazon continues to roll out tools that simplify a (perhaps unneeded) complex process, their intention becomes clearer. Innovation. Amazon simply removes the writer’s tools’ vestiges, which in this case, happen to be the trappings of the physical world. An infinitely long and maneuverable corkboard! A drawer that never gets cluttered with junk mail! Virtual adhesives that never lose their stickiness! This is what I think the jump to the virtual world is about…getting to the root of what makes certain things useful, or joyful, or cringe worthy, and figuring out the ways that humans can connect with them. Whether it’s a sexy OS or a scriptwriting program, the point is the same. Can the physical world be improved upon? Should it be?

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