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Notable Video Project: “Terminal Kill”

Watch the new video of Amazon Studios Notable Video Project, Terminal Kill.

More on Terminal Kill:

A determined government agent recruits a group of terminally ill people with nothing to lose to assassinate the leader of a shadow organization bent on creating a new world order.

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Amazon Studios Adds “Chico Grande” to its Movie Development Slate

Following the heels of the option announcement of Tiger, Tiger, Chico Grande has been added to the Amazon Studios movie development slate. Chico Grande is the amalgamation of three different generations growing up in Mexico and the struggle of a child’s identity.

More about the project:

Chico Grande

Creator: Jesus “Jesse” Celaya

Series Concept/Logline: A young boy in 1960’s Mexico struggles with his own identity while obsessing over the original B&W serial of The Lone Ranger.

Why We Optioned It: It’s an inspired and original coming of age story with a ton of heart, great characters and a strong message about what it means to be a hero.

From the Creator:Chico Grande is an amalgamation of a three different childhoods: my Grandfather’s, my Father’s and my own. Growing up in Mexico, I used to listen to the old-timers tell stories about when they were young. A few of them stuck out and have become the story we now share.”

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