Hey Filmmakers! Amazon Studios Wants to See Your Shorts

Amazon Studios’ open door for creators has now opened even wider. Filmmakers are invited to submit short “concept videos” that present a compelling idea for a theatrical feature film.

These short films – 2-15 minutes in length – will be evaluated by the Amazon Studios development staff and considered for option. The process works like script submission: You can submit publicly or privately. There is a 45-day option and evaluation period. Creators of projects added to the Development Slate receive a $10,000 payment.

So what is Amazon Studios looking for? These should be videos that express an idea that’s begging to be seen on the big-screen, in full-length, full-budget form. These could be bold, imaginative worlds, original premises, or unique perspectives.

A great concept video doesn’t need to lay out the entire feature film in all three acts, but serve as a solid foundation to build on.

See the full Amazon Studios Movie Development Slate.

P.S. Seeking distribution for your short film? Amazon Studios is not a distribution channel – better options to consider include Createspace and Withoutabox.