Amazon Studios Comic Book Artist on Doctor Who, Long Coats and “Nerdy” Details

imageFor comic book artist and writer Matthew Dow Smith, Doctor Who hasn’t just been a job — it has been a lifelong influence. “I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was 6 or 7 years old. I still remember the very first episode I saw, and I remember how badly is scared me, but I loved it,” he said. “A lot of creative people from my generation can trace what they do back to Star Wars. But I actually trace it back to Doctor Who.”

We talked with Smith about how Doctor Who has influenced his work, including Blackburn Burrow, the comic he drew for Amazon Studios (the complete, four-issue series is now available for free), the value of “nerdy” details and telling stories on TV.

Hollywonk: What did Doctor Who teach you about storytelling, and how things unfold in your work?

imageSmith: Everything that I like in a story and everything that I do in a story as a writer was influenced by the aesthetic of that show. There are certain themes, and there are certain approaches to telling a story that really do come from Doctor Who. I always try to tell really nice stories.

And the aesthetic of the show influenced everything that I do. I draw people in coats, including a coat in Blackburn Burrow. I’m good at drawing people in coats, and that’s because I spent my entire childhood drawing Doctor Who in all those coats.

Hollywonk: Take a part of Blackburn Burrow that you think of as one of your favorite pieces to draw and tell us about it.

Smith: Well I’m really proud of the whole thing. I really like this opening sequence that we did for the book. Ron [Marz], the writer, really set out to set the tone for the entire book within those ten pages. We’re cutting back and forth between a sequence with Master entering a spooky mansion off to fight something bad, while two other characters on the other side of town talking about him, and we cut back and forth between those two things and they meet up. …

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Doctor Who returns this weekend with what may be its most anticipated (in the U.S. at least) series ever. Some thoughts from Mashable on how the show conquered America:

Good marketing and the show’s writing — which has gotten friendlier to casual viewers — played big roles in winning over U.S. audiences. But so has the online community, which knows no bounds. Doctor Who appeals to a demographic that’s extremely digital-savvy, and those fans never tire of finding new ways to express their enthusiasm (witness this Who-themed play on the literal music video).

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