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New Trailerboard: “Dark Before Dawn”

What happens to a small Texas town after 7 local residents are killed in a bank robbery gone wrong? Find out in this suspenseful “trailerboard” for Amazon Studios project Dark Before Dawn. The movie trailer meets storyboard was illustrated by comics artist Thomas Nachlik, and the script was adapted into trailer board form by comics writer Landry Walker.




Amazon Storyteller Spotlight:
Getting Creative with Backgrounds

Amazon Storyteller allows you to make storyboards using custom backgrounds — but as some creators are learning, their custom uploads don’t have to stay in the background.

Jump is a story that’s been told as a comic book, and as a script. And now, it’s a storyboard that combines elements of both. Project creator Danzel Fegan has used images from the comic via the Amazon Storyteller tool, and letting not just those settings, but those characters tell the story.

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Amazon Studios Creator Q and A: James Abrams (Dreamcatchers)

imageInspiration can come from anywhere. For James Abrams, writer of Dreamcatchers, the latest movie project added to the Amazon Studios development slate, it came from a series of nightmares he experienced while sick with the H1N1 flu virus.

The unrelenting visions James experienced during his illness made him think about what would happen if nightmares crossed over into the real world. He started to explore the concept and wrote what became Dreamcatchers – the story of an insomniac security guard who must help stop the worst nightmares from destroying our world.

A lifelong fan of comic books, James attended art school and later went on to produce and write a comic of his own called Archaic, which was independently published by Fenickx Productions in 2005. Soon after, he caught the screenwriting bug, starting out with more violent, action-oriented scripts which he describes as “something that Bruce Willis could be in.” 

We spoke to James about his dreams, his script and what made him switch to more family-friendly material.

Tell us about the story of Dreamcatchers.

James:  The story is about this secret organization that captures nightmares and takes them into the real world.  Our protagonist is a guy named Nick, who had one of these nightmares when he was very young and it has made him into an insomniac.  He works as a night watchman and during the day he’s a computer tech, and eventually he gets involved with the Dreamcatchers who recruit him.  Because of his insomnia, he is able to understand the nightmare’s powers.

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