'Alpha House' Returns October 24th - Watch All 10 Episodes at Once


After Friday’s debut of Transparent, we’re excited to announce that more comedy is coming your way. The second season of Alpha House, one of Amazon’s first Original Series, returns Friday, October 24th – with all 10 episodes to be released at once.   

This season the Senators of Alpha House are bracing for the midterm elections, and much like many of their real-life counterparts, their political futures are uncertain.  Senator Biggs (John Goodman), Bettencourt (Clark Johnson) and Laffer (Matt Malloy) might have survived bruising primaries, but now they’re facing strong Democratic challengers and have to pull out all the stops to woo voters over to their side. Meanwhile, Senator Guzman (Mark Consuelos) is preparing for a 2016 bid for the presidency, a pursuit that might bring him into competition with one of his roommates.

Several familiar guest stars will also be returning this season, including Bill Murray, Amy Sedaris, Yara Martinez and Haley Joel Osment. 

"Alpha House has fun mixing real politics with entertainment," says Jonathan Alter, an executive producer of the series. "The magician Penn Jilette is running for the Senate from Nevada against Matt Malloy’s character, and former Governor Rendell in running for the Senate from Pennsylvania against the character played by Clark Johnson. Wanda Sykes and Bob Balaban (Monuments Men) have recurring roles as Democratic senators, and Bradley Whitford makes a guest appearance as a Republican senator battling with Maloney, his old assistant from the West Wing."

Other famous faces you’ll see playing themselves: Senators Elizabeth Warren and John McCain, Wolf Blitzer, George Stephanopoulos, Rachel Maddow, Jane Pauley, Matt Lauer and Grover Norquist. 

Missed the first season?  Catch up now on Prime Instant Video.  And don’t sit out this election season: set your Watchlists for Alpha House on October 24th

Cast Your Emmy Vote for “Alpha House”

Be sure to cast your first-round vote for the Emmy awards by June 20th. Check out the categories below from Amazon Original Series Alpha House for your consideration.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Alpha House

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

Garry Trudeau

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

John Goodman

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 

Clark Johnson

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 

Mark Consuelos

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What You Need to Know Before Submitting Your Comedy Series Project

Get your primetime comedy series made. Amazon Studios is developing new original series for Amazon Prime Instant Video. If we choose to develop your series, you will get $10,000, plus another $55,000 if your show gets produced (along with potential writing fees, royalties and bonuses).

Before you submit, take a closer look at what we’re looking for.

Overview: We are seeking smart, cinematic, serialized series for adults. They can be dark comedies, genre comedies, dramedies or smart sophisticated comedies as long as the concepts and characters are original. Think high budget, premium shows that that you might see on pay cable.

Format: Series with half-hour episodes. Live-action single cam is preferred, but we are open to animation or multi-cam (although we’d want a fresh take on the format).

We like ideas in specific worlds. We’re open to anything, but all of our shows need to be grounded in specific, well-defined worlds. These should be worlds that audiences haven’t seen before, that they’ll want to see on TV and, most importantly, tell their friends to watch. So a bunch of underemployed twenty-somethings in an overly nice apartment is most likely not specific enough and therefore not right for us. For examples of worlds, note that Alpha House is set in the world of politics, Mozart in the Jungle in classical music and Transparent is set in the worlds of family and sexuality.

The most important thing is that the audience should feel like they’re watching something they can’t see anywhere else and that the writing is funny, smart and compelling.

What are some examples? Watch the pilot episodes for free from our current slate of comedy series: Alpha House, Mozart in the Jungle, and Transparent.

What don’t you want? No reality shows, game shows or sketch comedies.

You can learn more about the details of the Amazon Studios series submission process here or start a new project.

Amazon Studios Original Comedy Series “Alpha House” Will Return for a Second Season

The beloved Senators-turned-roomies will once again be shaking hands, kissing babies and bunking up. Amazon Studios today announced that the critically-acclaimed and customer-favorite Garry Trudeau political series Alpha House will return for a second season.

John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Clark Johnson and Matt Malloy will reprise their roles as Republican Senators living under one roof in Washington, D.C. Since its launch, Alpha House has become the most popular TV series on Amazon Instant Video and has collected over 6,000 5-star reviews. Production on season two is scheduled to begin this Summer.

Watch the first season of Alpha House now.