What We Like About New Amazon Pilots “The Cosmopolitans” and “Hand of God”

Earlier in the week, Amazon Studios greenlit two new pilots – the half hour dramatic comedy The Cosmopolitans and one hour drama Hand of God. Here’s more on what we like about these shows.

The Cosmopolitans

"Whit Stillman’s unique voice, vision, and his own experiences as an expatriate lend an authenticity to the show. It’s fun, romantic, and not only a window into one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, but also a peek behind the curtain at what it’s like to live there as an expatriate. The cast is also filled with colorful, diverse characters."

Hand of God

"When we first read Hand of God, the quality of the writing and edge of your seat storytelling by Ben Watkins drew us in immediately. The show’s lead, Judge Pernell Harris is a flawed man whose devotion to his dying son is so extreme that what we consider right and wrong will all to start to feel very gray. Ben’s approach to morality in Hand of God is real, raw, and edgy.”

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