What You Need to Know Before Submitting Your Children’s Series to Amazon Studios

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of Amazon’s new slate of children’s series? Amazon Studios has an open door policy for kids series and invites you to submit your project. Creators of series added to the Development Slate will get $10,000, plus another $55,000 if their show is produced into a series (with the potential for other royalties and bonuses).

Before you submit, here are the kinds of children’s submissions Amazon Studios is looking for:


Amazon Studios is looking for projects with unique yet grounded characters that drive stories in both unusual worlds/environments or offers a fresh perspective on the real world. We love distinct and varied visual design.


Series can be animated of any type or live action. We are looking for 11-minute episodes for preschool and 6 to 11 comedies, and 22 minute episodes for serialized adventures or live action shows. A children’s series proposal must include a mini-bible that describes the series in general, and its main characters. It should tell where the series is going and include 5 or 6 episode ideas.

Preschool Shows

Our Preschool (3-5) and Traditional Preschool (4-7) shows should offer educational threads which inspire lifelong learning, creativity, and playfulness with character driven stories. Check out Amazon Studios pilots, Tumbleaf and Creative Galaxy, for reference.

Kids (6-11) Shows

Our Kids (6-11) shows can range from stand-alone comedies to serialized action adventure. We love concepts which will appeal to kids and aren’t too sarcastic or catered towards tweens. We love innovative storytelling. Check out Amazon Studios pilots, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and Annebots.

Learn more about the Amazon Studios submission process or start a project now.