Introducing Amazon Storyteller: A New Way for Writers to Turn Their Scripts Into Storyboards

Movie scripts are stories that are meant to be seen. But if you’re a writer who can’t draw, or you’ve got a backyard instead of a backlot, visualizing your script can be tough.

Enter Amazon Storyteller.

This new tool from Amazon Studios allows writers to upload their scripts and turn them into storyboards. Don’t have a script of your own? Don’t worry – there are thousands of them on the Amazon Studios site, and you can use Amazon Storyteller to create a storyboard for many of them.

Amazon Storyteller “reads” a script and suggests characters, costumes, sets and shots. You can then adjust each panel into the perfect representation of the story. There are tools that allow you to change characters, costumes, expressions, settings, perspective … you can even upload your own backgrounds.

A great storyboard can be 10 panels long, or a 100. It’s up to you, and how much detail you think you need. You can start with a trailer-style board, for example, then build out a full-length version. Once you complete your storyboard, you’re invited to share it with the world and see what people think. (Of course, if you create a storyboard for someone else’s script, you’ll need to get their permission first.)

Amazon Storyteller is still in beta, which means that it’s a tool that – like scripts on the site – is in development. It has dozens of characters and settings, from underwater to the house next door. But if you want to create a storyboard that includes robots or the Revolutionary War (or both), well, those piece aren’t there. At least not yet.

Your feedback on Amazon Storyteller can help shape what the tool becomes. Amazon Studios invites you to give it a try and share your thoughts on the experience.

Learn more about Amazon Studios and its open-door development process.