New From Amazon Studios: Free Music for Test Movies

            Amazon Studios music library     Thinking of making a test movie for Amazon Studios? Now you’ve got a new set of building blocks to use: 2,000 tracks to suit most any scene or mood, from comedy to thriller and from love to anger. Some are instrumentals, some have vocals. All can help add emotional resonance to a story.

            To Ed Saxon, Amazon Studios contest judge and producer of movies including Philadelphia, Silence of the Lambs and Adaptation, sound is crucial. “It’s like as humans we need food or air and music is like one of those things,” he said. “It’s such an essential building block.” And remember, Ed added, that music can be inspiring to writers as well as directors: “If there’s a piece of music you know you want to use, listen to that music a lot as you write. Don’t be afraid to work backwards as you listen … images and emotions will occur to you that you want to put on the page.”

            Getting the music you need is simple. Go to our Music Library page. Then click the download button. You can download as many tracks as you want. The music format is MP3 and they’re delivered via Zip file. The tracks range in length from a few seconds to more than 20 minutes, and the vast majority of them have a bitrate of 320 kbps (a few are at 128 kbps).

            Some important things to remember about the Amazon Studios Music Library: The tracks are available only to registered Amazon Studios users. And you can use this music without a fee in any test movie uploaded to Amazon Studios, but you’re not allowed to use it in any other work or to upload a test movie containing this music to any other site.

            Test movies are visual rough drafts. They can be storyboards, live action, whatever you like. And we’ve got more than 4,000 scripts at Amazon Studios that you can use as your shooting script. Learn more about test movies here.

            – Studios Steph