Amazon Studios Greenlights Its Sixth Kids’ Pilot for Prime Instant Video

Sara Solves It, a new show from the creators of Curious George and Blue’s Clues, is the latest addition to the Amazon Studios pilot production slate. The children’s show joins five previously greenlit kids’ pilots and six comedies. All will be posted later this year on Amazon Instant Video, Prime Instant Video, Lovefilm UK and Lovefilm Germany for Amazon customers to watch for free. Viewer feedback will help determine which series Amazon Studios should produce.

Sara Solves It is created by Emmy winner Carol Greenwald (Curious George and Arthur) and multiple Emmy nominee Angela Santomero (Blue’s Clues and Super Why!). Viewers follow brother and sister duo Sara and Sam on absorbing and relatable mysteries that spring from the questions young children encounter in their daily lives. Each mystery is an interactive, math-based puzzle that the home viewer can solve along with the characters.

"We are excited to be part of Amazon Studios’ innovative approach of getting high-quality programming directly into the hands of parents and children," said series co-creator and executive producer Carol Greenwald.

Angela Santomero added, “Our math show, Sara Solves It, will challenge and entertain kids while helping build their enthusiasm for a subject that’s critical to their success in school.”

Since its launch in November 2010, more than 14,000 movie scripts and 2,700 series pilot scripts have been submitted to Amazon Studios.  The series announced today have been added to Amazon Studios’ Series Development Slate, which currently boasts 20 additional projects.

Learn more about submitting your script via the Amazon Studios’ open door process.