Amazon Studios Adds a Video Games-Centric Comedy to Its Series Development Slate

A group of friends/video game store co-workers are learning that life gets messy, no matter how many experience points they earn on screen. Press Start to Continue is the latest addition to the Amazon Studios Development Slate.

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About the project:

Press Start to Continue

Creators:  Nick Nicotera & Dossett Marchese

Series Concept/Logline:  After his boss unexpectedly drops dead, slacker Nick inherits the video game store he’s worked at for years. Now he’s responsible for keeping the flailing business afloat and his ragtag group of friends employed. 

Why we like it: This is a workplace comedy that’s laugh out loud funny and works on a lot of levels. It pulls no punches, and it’s clear that the writers have written about what they know and love - video games. And bodily functions.

“Writing for so long it’s amazing to have someone – especially a company like Amazon – to recognize our humor and think it’s funny,” Marchese said.

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