Amazon Studios Adds Supermodel Comedy Series to its Development Slate

Salem Rogers, the former supermodel, is used to getting everything she wants and isn’t going to let a little thing like a decade in rehab slow her down.

Salem Rogers, the comedy series, is the latest addition to the Amazon Studios Development Slate. Learn more about how to submit your own ideas via Amazon Studios’ open door process.

About the project(s):

Salem Rogers

Creator/writer:  Lindsey Stoddart

Series Concept/Logline:  After a decade in rehab, former supermodel Salem Rogers finds herself in a world she barely knows … a place where people no longer jump at her command, or (gasp!) even remember who she is. 

Why we like it: We love Salem Rogers. She’s a former model on a comeback mission. She’s a fresh, hilarious and unpredictable character who we can’t help but root for, even as we feel sorry for anyone who stands in her way. 

From the creator: “I’m fascinated by/jealous of people who, like Salem, appear to have no concept of failure. It’s like they live in an alternate reality and it’s not just that they believe they will succeed, they expect to succeed and inevitably they do. It’s bonkers and makes me laugh.”

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