Amazon Studios Adds Children’s Series “Fritter” to Its Development Slate


He bounces! He flies! He can subdue evil with hot oil, as well as the power of his cuteness! The latest addition to the Amazon Studios Series Development Slate  is Fritter: The Super Powered Hush Puppy.

This new series about the kitchen hero of Swampsylvania is aimed at girls and boys aged 6-11. It joins previously optioned children’s series Buck Plaidsheep, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street, Javi and the Treehouse Club, Kingston and the Magician’s Lost and Found, and Rattatan: Junior Sheriff.

About the show:

Fritter: The Super Powered Hush Puppy

Logline: When a mad scientist’s Extreme Genetic Altering Device (EGAD) explodes in his kitchen, foods and appliances are brought to life – including our hero, Fritter! Now, this superhero hush puppy must fight evildoers, like the foul Frau Frying Pan and her sidekick, Butch the Butcher Knife. Luckily, Fritter doesn’t have to fight alone.

Created by: Erica Harrell and Desiree Proctor

About the creators (in their own words): They began writing together about two years ago, after bonding over comics and their swampy home state of Florida. Erica has produced several independent films which can be found on the interweb. Desiree also wrote a Christmas special called “The Santa News Network” (which you probably missed) and currently pens geek chic columns for They’re both excited to collaborate with Amazon Studios on Fritter: The Super Powered Hush Puppy. 

Why we optioned it: It’s a fun, age-appropriate story and who doesn’t love a cute hush puppy? We think this show has a great world and characters and look forward to seeing the crazy stories that develop. 

Learn more about how to submit your own ideas via Amazon Studios’ open door process.