Amazon Studios Adds Comedy Show “Gamers” to Its Series Development Slate

Gabriel Duran says he and his friends are lot like the characters he’s created in Gamers, the latest comedy series optioned by Amazon Studios. But there’s one major difference: “I don’t think any of us have for a second considered playing less video games.  That struggle is totally fictionalized.”

But what’s true, on the page and in their lives, is that playing provides a connection as they juggle 24-hour Call of Duty benders, jobs, hookups and growing up. “It’s sometimes very hard to tell which of those things takes priority over the others,” Duran said. “But they all have this one thing keeping them together, creating all sorts of problems in their lives and sometimes offering an unconventional solution.”

About the project:


Creator:  Gabriel Duran

Series Concept/Logline:  Four friends in their early 20s navigate post-college life, juggling relationships, jobs, and — of course — an overpowering addiction to video games.  

Why we optioned it: This is a funny and relatable show about friends who spend as much time together in the virtual world as they do in the real world. We really like the idea of integrating video games with what’s going on in the players’ personal lives. 

From the creator: “Video games are so ubiquitous, such a crucial part of our society, I can’t believe this show hasn’t been done yet.  It also seemed like a great way to justify the thousands of hours I’ve put into video games as “research.” I got into TV writing to justify all the TV I watch, so it’s been a great combo. This show is very much about me and my friends and our real life experiences. I’m really lucky that the ways I’ve disappointed my parents have led to a lot of really great, funny stories on which I can draw.”

Duran says he’s been writing for three years, and had some success in screenwriting competitions and the like. But the Amazon Studios $10,000 option is the first money he’s seen for his work. Amazon Studios is “really an amazing venture; no one else in this town will consider unsigned writers,” he said. “Thank God there is finally an avenue for us.”

Learn more about how to submit your own ideas via Amazon Studios’ open door process.