Amazon Studios Options New Comedy Series: “Those Who Can’t”

This world has seen some amazing educators, people who inspire their students and have it all together. But those people need to get their own show. The latest comedy added to Amazon Studios’ Series Development Slate is Those Who Can’t, the story of some teachers with a lot to learn.

The show was written by Andrew Orvedahl, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Benjamin Roy, and was inspired by their web series, The Grawlix. They knew they had funny characters, the school setting is where they really clicked. Just as things have clicked for these guys in Denver, where they’re based.

“The Grawlix spawned out of our previous live show, Los Comicos Super Hilariosos, and it’s really cool to look back and see how far it’s come,” Orvedahl said. “We began the show in a tiny dive bar, entertaining literally like 7 people, and now we sell out this awesome theater, and have the most loyal, awesome fans.  It’s been a lot of work every month, but I couldn’t be prouder of our live show.  As for Denver, I think we easily have the best comedy scene outside of New York and L.A.  There are several A clubs, some B and C clubs, and then plenty of other rooms.  A comic can get a lot of stage time here, and the scene is pretty supportive overall.”

A grawlix, by the way, is the replacement of swears with symbols. Explains Orvedahl: “So when you’re reading the newspaper comics and a character yells, ‘!@$#&%’ that’s a grawlix.  We have a pretty great explanatory bit we do when we take the show on the road, where we ‘translate’ grawlixes in comic strips.”

Those Who Can'tAbout the project:

Those Who Can’t

Creators:  Andrew Orvedahl, Adam Cayton-Holland, Benjamin Roy

Series Concept:  A comedy about three juvenile, misfit teachers who are just as immature, if not more so, than the students they teach at a failing high school in Denver.

Why we like it: This is the most realistic portrayal of high school that we’ve ever seen. At least we think so. We never actually graduated. 

It’s also an irreverent, hilarious look at supposed authority figures that had us laughing from the first to the last page. We love how unpredictable the comedy in this script is.  

Learn more about The Grawlix, and about how to submit your own ideas via Amazon Studios’ open door process.

- Stephanie Reid-Simons