Before Looper, there was …

The Psychology of Dream Analysis, the 2002 short film made by Looper writer/director Rian Johnson. It’s definitely worth a look. Here’s what he told The Verge about it:

We just went out on a weekend to shoot something. And it was that exact same phase when I wrote Looper, to make the same way… we were just going to shoot it on weekends in L.A.

I think it was at the same time that I was reading all of Philip K. Dick’s books, so that probably played into it somewhat. But just that basic premise I got down on paper way back then. … I feel like I can’t even really remember the writing process, but I really feel like fairly quickly the themes that ended up expanding it from a short into a feature attached themselves to it. And it was, you know, we’re off to the races with it.