Sep 16

‘Alpha House’ Returns Soon – Catch Up On Season One

Before the senators of Alpha House return for their mid-season elections next month, brush up on where the four roommates left off last year – and see why TV Guide’s Matt Roush called the show a “bawdy, brazen comedy” by a “master of satire” (that would be Doonesbury and Alpha House creator Garry Trudeau).

You can watch the entire first season with the just-released DVD, and see why it was one of the top shows on Amazon Prime last year.  It’s a can’t-miss for fans of John Goodman, Trudeau and Amy Sedaris — or anyone who likes their politics purposely funny. 

And stay tuned for the show’s second season – returning next month on Amazon Prime Instant Video – just in time for actual mid-season campaign finales.

Fresh from the Party: ‘Transparent’ Premiere Pics

After earning TIME magazine’s endorsement for “best new fall TV show,” the Los Angeles premiere party for Transparent was a hot ticket. Joining series’ stars Amy Landecker, Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light and Jay Duplass (above) at the historic Theatre at the Ace Hotel were Hollywood luminaries including Larry David (below), Amanda Peet, Mena Suvari, Bradley Whitford, Jennifer Grey and Dana Delaney. 

Transparent creator Jill Soloway roused the crowd by talking about the “movement and the moment” that the series has inspired. 

See what all the buzz is about when the full season of Transparent debuts next Friday, September 26th only on Amazon Prime Instant Video.  (Photos: Getty Images)

Sep 11

Pilot Spotlight: Inside ‘Hysteria’


A group of teens in a small Texas town suffer from unexplained seizures, which begin to spread to the wider population.  A neurologist (played by Mena Suvari) returns home to investigate the medical mystery, only to suspect that the affliction is being spread through social media.  

If it sounds far-fetched, even Mashable warns that the pilot “will make you incredibly paranoid.”  

In this behind-the-scenes video, show creator Shaun Cassidy (Invasion) and Suvari explain what inspired them to make Hysteria, a drama that “combines the contagion thriller with the Internet paranoia thriller,” according to the New York Times.

Will it make you step away from Facebook?  See for yourself by watching the pilot.

Sep 02

Pilot Spotlight: The Making of ‘Red Oaks’

image The only thing better than a dream summer job could be making a pilot about a dream summer job – especially if it takes place at a Jersey country club in the 80s.  

If you’re nostalgic for the comedies of yesteryear, you might like the Steven Soderbergh-produced pilot for Red Oaks. As the New York Times describes it, “It’s as if the spirits of John Hughes, Harold Ramis and the young Richard Linklater had all gotten together to consult.” 

Get a look behind-the-scenes of this coming-of-age comedy and see how director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) went about “rebelling against the expectations of TV” and capturing characters “at the eccentric, awkward points in their lives.”

Then don’t forget to watch, rate and review the Red Oaks pilot here.

And stay tuned to Hollywonk as we offer up an inside look at each of the Amazon Original pilots over the next three weeks. 

Aug 27

Watch the Shows - Call the Shots


We’re excited to unveil five highly-anticipated new pilots from some of the most talented and renowned writers, filmmakers and actors. For the next four weeks, it’s up to you to watch, rate and review them – helping to determine which ones get the greenlight to a full series.

You’ll be treated to a wide range of stories and voices: Whit Stillman’s romantic comedy The Cosmopolitans, about the glamorous life of expats in Paris, starring Adam Brody and Chloë Sevigny. The Steven Soderbergh-produced comedy Red Oaks, about the upstairs/downstairs life of a college student at a 1980s Jersey country club, starring Craig Roberts, Paul Reiser and Jennifer Grey. The mysterious and complex vigilante drama Hand of God from Ben Watkins, directed by World War Z filmmaker Marc Forster, starring Ron Perlman and Dana Delany. The psychological thriller Hysteria, about an epidemic spread through social media, from Shaun Cassidy and starring Mena Suvari. And Jay Chandrasekhar’s comedic treatise on marriage, Really, about a group of couples clinging to their youth, starring Sarah Chalke and Selma Blair.

Check out the sizzle reel for all five pilots, then start watching and weighing in today — all free at AmazonOriginals.com.

And check back here, as Hollywonk will be spotlighting each pilot and going behind the scenes in the weeks ahead.