Apr 15

Keep Your Story Ideas Organized

Do you have multiple ideas in mind for a script or screenplay? Keep organized by creating story outlines with Amazon Studios’ free digital notecard tool, Amazon Storybuilder. Add text, images, and notes. Start a new outline now.

Apr 14

When Trailer Meets Storyboard

Have you seen the “trailerboards” for these Amazon Studios movie projects? Take a look and let us know if you think these stories should be made for the big screen.

The Dissident

Based on a true story, a Nazi Judge attempts to thwart the Holocaust from the inside.

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Gideon’s Law

What happens when a disgraced young cop is kidnapped by his civilian ride-along?

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It Came in the Mail

12-year-old Joel orders an incredible monster through a comic book. It finally shows up…20 years later.

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Dark Before Dawn

What happens to a small Texas town after 7 local residents are killed in a bank robbery gone wrong?

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Apr 12

What We Like About New Amazon Pilots “The Cosmopolitans” and “Hand of God”

Earlier in the week, Amazon Studios greenlit two new pilots – the half hour dramatic comedy The Cosmopolitans and one hour drama Hand of God. Here’s more on what we like about these shows.

The Cosmopolitans

"Whit Stillman’s unique voice, vision, and his own experiences as an expatriate lend an authenticity to the show. It’s fun, romantic, and not only a window into one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, but also a peek behind the curtain at what it’s like to live there as an expatriate. The cast is also filled with colorful, diverse characters."

Hand of God

"When we first read Hand of God, the quality of the writing and edge of your seat storytelling by Ben Watkins drew us in immediately. The show’s lead, Judge Pernell Harris is a flawed man whose devotion to his dying son is so extreme that what we consider right and wrong will all to start to feel very gray. Ben’s approach to morality in Hand of God is real, raw, and edgy.”

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Apr 11

Behind the Scenes: The Character Designs of “Spellbound”

In the world of animation design, it’s typical to go through multiple iterations of a character before landing on the right look. Every aspect of a character’s design is important - the clothes, the posture, the eyes, and even the facial expression tells you who a character is in one look.  

In the early versions of new Amazon Studios test movie, Spellbound, Bastien started out as the dastardly bad guy, not to be trusted. As the story developed, so did the character - he went from being a villainous accomplice of the story’s antagonist to a rogue out for himself, to a rival for Lottie’s affections, competing against another suitor, to the guy we meet in the Spellbound test movie, who thinks he’s only in it for himself, but discovers he’s a hero inside.


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Apr 10

New Trailerboard: “Gideon’s Law”

What happens when a disgraced young cop is kidnapped by his civilian ride-along? Find out in this action-packed “trailerboard” for Amazon Studios movie project Gideon’s Law by Chris Bullett. Gideon’s Law was illustrated by comics artist Ramon Bachs, and the script was adapted into trailerboard form by comics writer Ron Marz.

See the trailerboard now and let us know what you think.