Apr 24

Just Added: New Amazon Storyteller Features

Visualize your story by turning your script into a storyboard with Amazon Storyteller, a free storyboard tool from Amazon Studios. Plus check out these brand new features:

Edit Published Storyboards

Previously, once you published your storyboard you could not go back and edit. Now with this latest enhancement, you can continue making changes to your storyboard and share as many times after you publish. You will also have the opportunity to give your edited version a new title and add creative notes.


Create Your Storyboard on a Tablet

Now creating your storyboard from a tablet device is even easier. You can easily manipulate characters and props, positioning, sizing and more from your tablet. Be sure to check out the new interface.


Learn more about Amazon Storyteller here.

Apr 23

Start a New Project on Amazon Studios

Have an idea for a new series or movie that’s begging to be made? Start a new project on Amazon Studios. Comedy series, children’s series and movies of all genres are accepted. Learn more on how to get started here.

Apr 22

The Songs of “Spellbound”: Q&A with Producer Kevin Bannerman

imageSpellbound, the animated test movie from Amazon Studios features five original songs. We asked producer Kevin Bannerman (Anastasia, Ice Age) on the role the songs played and how it shaped the film.

How do songs help shape a movie?

It helps shape the movie’s tone. They can often show screenwriters a side of the character that hasn’t been explored. With a lyricist, the characters can develop a sense of humor and personality through their songs.

What song is the most pivotal in the movie?

Each song is unique in its own way because each individual song has its own special reason for being. “New Breeze Blowing” is important because it takes the relationship between Lottie and Bastien to new heights (pun intended). But “The Road to Riches” is just as important for several reasons: it gives us an insight into Horace, it allows Lottie and Horace to have some fun at Bastien’s expense, and it shows Bastien slowly developing a relationship with Lottie and Horace.

What you don’t want are songs that feel superfluous, repeating information the audience knows or just being funny without moving the story forward.

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Apr 21

Share Your Feedback on Amazon Storybuilder

We’d like to hear about your experience with Amazon Studios’ digital notecarding tool Amazon Storybuilder.

Take our short survey so we can learn more about your writing process. We’ll use your responses to improve Storybuilder and better tools for writers and filmmakers.

Apr 15

Keep Your Story Ideas Organized

Do you have multiple ideas in mind for a script or screenplay? Keep organized by creating story outlines with Amazon Studios’ free digital notecard tool, Amazon Storybuilder. Add text, images, and notes. Start a new outline now.